This just happens to be the song I am listening to at the moment. I am listening to it because next week I am going to a music camp with my favorite band... one week of music lessons (I play the fiddle), drinking around the campfire, poker nights, whiskey tastings, new friends, concerts... it is going to be fabulous. This post will probably be very upbeat, since I have had 2 beers and have music cranking.

Many of my posts since my blogging hiatus have been somewhat down... but I tell you what, the past three or four months, I have turned a corner. I look at my life, no, I look at me, and I am thrilled with what I see. I'm so damn comfortable. Extroverted at times, even. I'm friendly and funny and eager to meet new people. Just very happy with myself and how this all turned out.  I am finally, finally starting to reach my potential as a human being. Things are wonderful with my kids... next week am having a sleepover birthday party for them. Moms don't let their kids go to sleepovers if they're not comfortable with the parents. At work, things could not be going better. I've gone from being a marginal employee, pre-transition, to a leader at our company in the past year; am being promoted in a week, and am MCing our company-wide all hands meeting, because several people recommended me for it. At my church, I've also become a leader; I am on our Board of Trustees, and recently someone told me I was "beloved" amongst our congregation.

Friendships/social life... that is improving. I've made some new friends, kept a couple old ones, and my weekends have been busier lately. No romance, but I am OK with that for now. There are so many other good things going on. The person about whom I wrote here... we're hanging out quite a bit lately. Another precious person to me. We had a playdate with our kids a couple weeks back, and will be having another next week.

In a nutshell, what I am experiencing as of late, this is why I transitioned. To be me. Good things come when you're comfortable in your own skin. Not sure if I will write for a while. There's just not much left from a transition standpoint. I'm almost there. Nothing I'm going through is too dissimilar from any other 42-year divorced woman.

Now, back to the title of the post, and the song. Hopefully when they play this song next week, I'll be dancing with a partner, and we'll take it from there. ;)


This makes me so happy, hon!!! Yea for you! You totally deserve every bit of what you describe.

As a fellow Irish lass, I hope you find a handsome Irish fella as well. (And if/when you do, could you ask if he has a twin brother?) ;)

Hugs and love,

sounds like you are very happy now for sure! :)

So good to see you happy and living the life you should have been born to live.


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