I'm starting HRT tomorrow. :) I'm working with an endocrinologist in Rockville... we are starting out at:

  • 100 mg spironolactone daily
  • 1.25 mg Premarin daily
I'm also supposed to take an aspirin daily, drink A LOT of water, check my blood pressure weekly.  If my BP is good after 10 days, he instructed me to bump the estrogen up to 2.5 mg.  I'll have my levels checked in 8 weeks, and adjust the spiro accordingly based on my testosterone level.  I plan on using this weekly or so, at least initially, to record how things go.  How I feel emotionally, as well as physically.  And the occasional picture.  Safe for work, mind you!!  ;)

As well as measurements... being the dork that I am, I have a little spreadsheet with a bunch of things to keep track of... weight, hips, waist, over/underbust, etc.

Should be an interesting ride.  I felt somewhat euphoric when I was driving to the pharmacy this afternoon to pick up my prescriptions.  Have wanted this for 20 years, and now it's here!



I can't wait to read more! I look forward to beginning HRT someday soon, so I am anxious to learn about your experience.

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