Back in October, before having any beard removal done, I took a picture of my beard 22 hours after shaving.  I had a heavy beard. I had a couple of laser/electrolysis consultations, and chose Alternative Health Associates, in Alexandria, VA.  I felt infinitely more comfortable there after the consults.  I've since gone through their TG program for beard removal via laser, and 22 hours of electrolysis so far.  I finished the laser portion about 2 weeks ago.  We've been doing only greys with electro thus far, since laser gets only the dark hair.  The laser program I went through was doing my full face and neck, then 4 weeks later doing my "muzzle" area (above lip, chin, touchups), and then repeating every 4 weeks, a total of 5 times each.  I took this picture today 30 hours after shaving.

To call this a "beard" now is an insult to beards everywhere.  I have some hair on my face and neck... I don't have a "beard."  There is some grey on my jawline and neck, and a few darks on the upper lip. I can't say enough good things about the care I've received so far, both in terms of the appointments themselves, and the results.  I go for electrolysis once every two weeks for an hour, take a 45 min. break, then another hour.  I've had no pitting, scarring, redness, nothing except a little swelling which lasts for about a day.  These women know what they are doing... they work fast, accurately, and have a LOT of experience helping transwomen.  They're supportive, understanding, and sympathetic when you break down and cry in the middle of electro (which has happened to me twice now).  If you are anywhere within a couple hours of DC and are considering beard removal, you really need to check out AHA.

To be certain, I still have lots of zapping to go.  I'm also doing laser on my chest there and am very happy with my results thus far.  My friends at AHA will be seeing quite a bit of me over the next year and change.  But I'm really happy where things are now.

P.S. I see that this is my 12th post labeled with "hair removal," the most for any label. Sheesh. It's a huge part of the early transition process... but I really need to stop fretting about it. Hopefully I will not write about this for a while. :)

P.P.S. Is it just me, or do my nostrils look less crooked in the after pic, than the before?


Well yes, of course your nostrils are less crooked. You have developed the musculature around your mouth since that time. It would appear you have been using a technique that has made women more beautiful than men since time began; you have been smiling!

Good for you!



Haha, I didn't even realize that! :) I guess I can't help but smile now.

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