The local incumbent for our county Board of Supervisors is a right-wing extremist who has referred to people like me using "it." He hates homosexuals, hates trans people, hates immigrants, hates Muslims, on and on. Basically, if you're not a white male, you're out of luck. He's been entrenched on the Board for years, mostly out of apathy and/or ignorance of the populace. Anyway, last night I took a gander at his opponents' Facebook page and they had posted a request for people to come out and help in the next days' primary; help in the form of canvassing neighborhoods to remind supporters of the primary.

I'm not a politically-involved person. Have never even donated to a political candidate, let alone spend a Saturday afternoon walking around in 110-degree heat index weather for a candidate. Anyway, I thought this might be a great opportunity to help get this bigot out of office. As well as meet some new people and use my voice a lot. So I called up the campaign manager and ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours today wandering around my town, knocking on 50 or so doors, with about 2/3 of the people home.

There was nary a strange look, nothing. The trans thing was 100% not an issue. One woman even told me that she thought I was her niece at first. People invited me in, offered me water, chatted. I think I did well in terms of the real reason I was out there, which was the election. I think we got maybe 10-15 more votes because of little ol' me. In a county primary where there are maybe 175 ballots cast total with a winning margin of thirty votes, 10 votes or even 5 are huge. I was smiley and friendly and did the campaign proud. Oh, and we won! I got a lovely call from the campaign manager thanking me for my help and letting me know that they'd be calling me again. Which I welcome.

After today, I can officially let go any worries about getting looks, getting clocked. And none too late, as I have my first book club meeting this week. I'm completely confident with my voice and my appearance. Got home today and felt so good about helping. Today was a microcosm of the reason I transitioned... to be me... a me who is at ease with strangers, smiling, happy, and doing good for something bigger than herself.

The person I've always wanted to be, knew I could be, and am.


}=~) stoked for you!

"Today, I was who I've always wanted to be...
The person I've always wanted to be, knew I could be, and am."

Yep! You're you, you're awesome, just like we've all been telling you!

This is a wonderful post. Just full of win!

Good for you, getting involved and making a difference! Just being that awesome person you've always been. :)

That is so huge. What a wonderful way to find out.

Just needed the confidence and the right venue to prove to yourself that you are all woman. You did yourself proud.

Congrats on the Win and the even stronger Confidence you gained because of it! : )

Maybe karma will find a way for this chuckleberry to meet you so you can tell him that good people like yourself (Faline) are why he lost. Reading your story reminded me of Tom Hanks (a fine actor) telling Charlie Wilson's story of how he got into politics. A great story that I won't blow here if you haven't seen the film "Charlie Wilson's War yet.

Thanks for your hardwork and for telling us about his. An inspiration are you!


Wow, Faline… I’m so happy for you! Your last sentence reminds me of Brene Brown’s awesome speech “The power of vulnerability” on TED… the willingness to let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you are.

I guess you’re there. How awesome!

"...the reason I transitioned... to be me... a me who is at ease with strangers, smiling, happy, and doing good for something bigger than herself."

Way to go, Faline!


Awesome! And congratulations on kicking that bigot's butt out of office!

== Kelly

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