... not only do you look forward to electrolysis, but on your 45-minute break between the two hours, you snap a picture of yourself sporting a swollen Neosporin-covered cheek, which she tortured for an hour, and a numbing cream, Press & Seal covered other cheek, preparing for hour #2, and you think that you look cute!!  And you send it to some friends, and come home and put it in a blog.
The days I have electrolysis, I really look forward to it.  I'm actually excited to go.  Sure, it hurts, but it is so worth it afterwards when I have two smooth cheeks afterwards.  I see little dead hairs all over my face and I know that I'll never have to shave *that* particular hair again.

And, tonight I said something to my electrologist about how I wanted to work on my upper lip, which has almost nothing but darks.  She said that we should keep lasering... in fact, she said, let's go do it now... I won't charge you!  So I also got a free muzzle laser treatment as well.  After I leave my appointments, I am always in the best mood... not so much because the pain is over for now, but because I am just that much closer to my goal.  And I *do* look cute in this picture.  Swelling and Press & Seal notwithstanding.  :)

P.S.  I'm not thrilled with the little candy-peppermint thing masquerading as a push pin on my posting dates above.  It is bothering me.  I might need to change that.  Random thought.


I just found your blog. I empathize with you. Keep honest to yourself and take baby steps. Enjoy all that life has to offer.

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