Ok, apparently I was having a "moment" the other night.  Get back on feet, dust self off, etc.  Anyway, we're back to HappyFaline now.  Everyone has their moments.  Perhaps using Nietzsche in the post title was a little over-the-top and dramatic, but whatever.  Last night I went out for dinner with two girlfriends... a couple women that I was friends with years ago at an old job, fell out of touch with, and have recently reached out to.  My one friend, Bente, was one of the best friends I've ever had and it is SO nice to be back there again.  We've gotten together a few times and it's been just like it was before.  The other woman, Ellen, last night was the first time seeing her in years.  I always liked Ellen but was somewhat of an ass back then, so I didn't get close to all that many people.

When Ellen saw me, she went absolutely bonkers, in a good way.  That happy shriek that women do, punctuated by several Oh.My.Gods, several "Wow, this is you!  This is totally you!"  "you look so comfortable and happy and natural!" and one "geez, you're prettier than me, you bitch!! :) "  I have to say that I did look pretty cute.  I won't soon forget her reaction.  I'm still smiling, thinking about it.  Anyway, we had an awesome time, sat and chatted over dinner and drinks for a few hours... the sort of GNO that I've wanted to have for my whole life.  And now I have the rest of my life to continue having them... how awesome is that?

There was a family sitting at the table next to us, and not one of them gave me a second look.  As they got up to leave, I was talking more loudly than I had been, and the husband totally read me, based on the voice.  Gave me a big, big look.  Haha, whoops... I need to work on that voice.  Anyway, he looked back over his shoulder as they walked away, and then I saw him say something to his wife.  Then she looked at me.  So the two of them were staring at me... I looked them straight in the eye, smiled, and gave them a big wave.  Haha. Ellen started getting a little mad about that (them staring, not me waving), but I wasn't.  I thought it was funny.  No matter how well you pass, there are times when you're going to get read.  And if you can't let it just roll off... you'll be in for a rough time.

Anyway, we had a blast.  This morning I just have that general feeling of happiness and warm fuzzies.  A feeling that outnumbers the feelings from the other night, about 20-to-1.

Ciao!!  :)


Next time you ladies go out, let me know. Maybe I could meet up with you. I would LOVE that!

Faline......you can't imagine how much that night meant to me.....I just LOVE the real you.....I want to keep having fun and connecting with you!!!

okay, on another note I cant figure out how to post this...it gives me options....aaaaahes, still computer challenged!

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