It's kind of ironic that I wrote that "purgatory." blog the other day and talked about the "is she or isn't she" look that I've currently got going on.  Case in point:

Obviously, at work I am not presenting as myself.  Yesterday, I was wearing clothes that no one would take for female... baggy dress pants, men's size L light-colored and thin polo shirt.  It is beginning to be questionable if I should wear this shirt anymore, given the light color and how thin it is.  Got my salad and headed towards the registers.  Passed the produce guy, who smiled at me and said, "Hi, how are you today, ma'am?"  Sometimes when I've been out like this in old me mode I hear stuff like that and am not sure.  This was unmistakable.  I was a little stunned... hadn't even shaved my face that morning.  He got a bit of an, hmm, let's say, odd look on his face, as if he made a mistake.  I gave him a big big smile and said, "Great!"  Then he relaxed his face a little bit, as if thinking, "whew, I got it right."  This is great, but soon it is going to get to be a problem.  A problem I like, but a problem nonetheless.

So, anyway, I pay, and now outside, it has started POURING rain.  Like, un-be-lie-vable pouring.  And here I am with my light-colored thin shirt, and baby boobies, heading back to the office... Yay!!!  And it was quite a ways to the car.  I tried to cover my chest and sprinted across the parking lot.  Fortunately, my chest stayed pretty dry.  Perhaps I ought not wear this shirt anymore.   I got into the car and looked at myself in the mirror, somewhat amazed, but happy, that someone can could look at me, dressed as I am, and see a woman.


I think overall that is an awesome day!! Just a note....if you decide to wear a white shirt ALWAYS keep a cardigan, or hoodie with you for such occasions. Trust me on this. I have had my boobies for a while.

This entry brought me such a smile. Its such a good feeling when people start go get your gender right without any of the props initially needed to push their determination process in the right direction. It's a big milestone! :)

*HUGS*! This definitely made me smile girl. =)

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