A couple weeks ago, I wrote about extricating myself from the trans community in a real-life sense. At the time, I wasn't sure how much more I wanted to write here. Since then, I've written one entry bitching about my ex-wife, one entry bitching about words that someone that I don't even know wrote, 7 "draft" posts that I realized were pointless a couple paragraphs in, and two entries about sexual orientation and gender identity, an "issue," if one can call it that, that I'm tangentially, at best, interested in, and only from an academic standpoint at that. What I haven't written about much is myself.

That ought to be a big sign, yes? I always thought this blog would end when I got to the "live." part of its' title. Living is not sitting in front of a laptop reading and writing blog entries. I'm thisclose to being there. Yeah, I still have at least one surgery, lots of zapping, and Goddess knows I still need to work on that voice, but I wouldn't be writing anything that hasn't been written 1000 times before. I'm not sure I want to share it all, anyway. I don't want to go the exhibitionistic way that I've seen others go. I'm not here because I want people to "Look at me!!!" In reality, I want just the opposite. I don't have much that I want to say to the world at this point.

I'll write again here when I have something meaningful or new to say about me. I hope it'll be a while.


Bonjour Faline
"Living is not sitting in front of a laptop reading and writing blogs."
I did not even know what a blog is until I discovered 'Patent Pending' in our local newspaper. I got hooked on that blog, felt some soul connection with the writer, met this wonderfull lady and then started to read a few more trans community blogs in order to learn more about you people that need to adjust your outer shell to reflect your inside. Now I will read fewer blogs and work on my problem which is not being able to write as well as many of you. I have learned to say "to heck with it - I will write my own blog good or bad writing. I am ME." I thank all of you for inspiring me in so many ways.



It is good to hear that you are nearing your goal. My hope is that you will return from time to time with "learning experiences", that might help others along their way.

Obviously, it is clear that while, "we must each walk our own individual path", there ARE the usual 'pitfalls'.

Fare thee well Faline. Fare thee well.

I reached a point where I no longer wanted to write about my personal stuff. Now I write when I feel like it, about what I feel like. I write because I'm a writer. So write when you feel moved to do so. And keep on living, girl!

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