I had a freaking awesome weekend, the best weekend I've had in a while.  Since it was my weekend to have the kids and it was Memorial Day weekend, I got an extra day with them.  Saturday we went to a local farm that has all sorts of things for the kids... play areas, cow train rides, pick-your-own of whatever is in season, petting zoos, jumping things (as the kids called it), corn mazes, on and on.  It's an awesome place to take kids... if you're in the DC area, I highly recommend it.  We picked strawberries and ended up with a 10-pound haul.  I kept bumping into this one Mom with whom I got chatty, and we might get together sometime.  I made them a good dinner and we had strawberries for dessert.  I chatted with Diana in the evening after the kids went to bed. She suggested I make strawberry jam.  It was a good thought... but...

Sunday morning we had strawberry pancakes for breakfast.  In the afternoon went to the pool at my complex and had fun splashing around in the water and eating snacks, strawberries among them.  First time for me in a swimsuit.  It was fine.  Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, my favorite, and homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert.  They gobbled up every morsel I put in front of them, including the spinach salad, and there were a *lot* of morsels.  I don't know what it is, but I love watching them eat.  I could just sit there and watch them eat with this stupid smile on my face.  It just makes me feel good to make them something that's good for them, and sit there watching them enjoy it.  I love it.

This morning I made them spinach quiche, and for fruit; you guessed it, strawberries.  Then we went to a waterpark and both kids tried a new water feature that they were previously afraid of, after a few gentle nudges from Mommy, and ended up loving it.  We brought strawberries.  Ran home, jumped in the shower, ate more quiche, and some strawberries of course.  Then I dropped them back off with their other Mom.

We have about 4 pounds of strawberries left.  Probably not enough for jam.  It was just a fun, crazy, busy, active weekend with the kids.  They ate well, slept well, had fun, and took in a heck of a lot of Vitamin C.  :)  What more could a Mommy want?  I'm exhausted, but running around after a 5 and 3-year old all weekend will do that to ya.  Ciao!!  :)


Awesome quiche and your words tonight are just glowing, yeahhh.

Sooo looking forward to our own local strawberries Faline. Check online for some different ways to preserve strawberries It isn't as complicated as it once was, with freezer jam being an option, for instance.

Sounds like a really great weekend! :)

Yeah, food looks great! Glad you had such a good weekend! So nice when things go as they should.

You got me hungy now!
It seems that you had a really nice weekend
I want to have on to XD

Ain't normal simply grand?

There is only one way to really preserve strawberries (that counts any how ;-))

I'm betting you're going to be their favorite mom. I'm glad you have these opportunities to simply enjoy your children. Take them as often as you can.


Ariel/Miz... when I first read Ariel's comment, my thoughts were, "yes, so nice when things go just like they do for any other Mom..." meaning normal. :)

Tash... you remember my FB status the other night with the "don't give in" phone call. I'm not going to give up one solitary day with them that I don't have to, and thanks for the reminder.

You are an awesome Mom, and your children are lucky to have you! So glad you're out doing all those great things with them!!!

Now I have a strange craving for strawberry pancakes...yum.

wow! fancy cooking lady! =)

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