My "arms" post was a little down-sounding.  Yeah, I'm lonely, but I don't need to sound so depressed about it.  I heard this song on the radio for the first time yesterday and instantaneously loved it. Similar sentiment, but more optimistic. I couldn't help but smile as I bounced along in the car to it.  I don't know that I've ever had such a reaction to a song before, from the first couple notes.  When I got home, I realized that I didn't remember any of the words, and they had provided neither the artist nor the title.  This was an emergency.  I needed to listen to this song again.  Tried a couple things (see the comments), but no luck.  Thought some more and remembered that it had the words "coffee," "belly," and "soliders" in it.  How many songs have those three words, right?  Worth a shot.  So I googled "coffee belly soliders lyrics" and 1000 Ships was the first hit.  Yaaaayyy!!   Well, it was the first hit for the correct spelling of "soldiers," which Google graciously suggested. That's one of those words I can't help but misspell.

I can't stop listening to it. Just makes me smile, which I need lately. I found out that the artist, Rachel Platten, will be performing in my area the the a few days before I fly off to Montreal. I'll get a few girlfriends to go and we'll have a send-off. Cheers!!


Hooray for Google! :)

I know!! It would have bad if I hadn't found out what the song was. I think I've probably listened to it 30 times in the past 18 hours or so.

Is it a radio station that lists its recent playlist? Just in case it happens again. :)

I tried that first. I went to the radio station's webpage but they didn't have a list. I even posted on their Facebook wall but no one responded. And I looked on the Billboard 100 to see if anything rang a bell. These were desperate times, indeed!!

Reminds me a little of Olivia Newton John (a good thing). The boy walked in while I was listening to it and requested it for his iPod, which means we'll be hearing it a lot around here.


Really cute and a lot better than most of the music you hear now adays. But then I'm older than dirt, so what can you expect?


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