This website I'm on, most of the posts from the girls are so philosophical, so heavy, many negative... I get tired of that. I come to my blog and read it over, and although not negative, it is so pensive and heavy. Part of this journey is supposed to be fun!! Or, most of it. I'll go through the same thoughts time and time again in my head, and get nowhere. It's stupid. It's a waste of time and energy. I'm going to take a break from thinking so much about stuff, trying to "figure things out..." and for a little while just try to enjoy things. So there.

Tonight am going to a meeting up in Baltimore, afterwards there's dinner and perhaps some club afterwards. Not so sure about the club, but I'm doing to dinner. I was told that if you go to the club, it means you are out until 2 AM, which means I wouldn't get home until 3:30-ish. and that's a little late for this chica. Anyway, I'm going to girl it up, I'm going to try to look as pretty as I can, and going to be me and enjoy myself. I am going to wear my purple sweater and cords. Yay for purple pants!! :P

I might even put a picture of myself up here and maybe an avatar. Kinda waiting to do that until the shadow is less noticeable, but we'll see how I look.


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