Has been a little over 2 weeks on hormones.  Haven't noticed a thing, wasn't expecting to yet.  My blood pressure was good all last week which meant I am allowed to step up to 2.5 mg of the Premarin daily, started that on Friday last.

So my endo coded things in such a way that it would be covered.  I got the explanation of benefits and suffice it to say, I'm very fortunate.  Note that I had an extra visit to a hematologist + blood tests, to rule out a blood clotting disorder, since I had a clot about a year ago.  That about doubled what the expense would have been.

endo office visit: 400
hema office visits (2): 490
blood work: 5200 (!!!!)
first time getting scripts filled: ~300 (?)

So that's a total of around 6400 and change, just to get started.  I ended up paying 400.


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