Driving all the way into Old Town (75 mile roundtrip) once a week after work for electrolysis is getting old. It's not so much the electro itself, it's... leave work around 4:15. Fight traffic. Park. Zap. Fight traffic back. Ends up taking the whole night. So, tonight I decided to try 2 hours of electro, an hour, then a break, then another hour. If I could handle that, I'll do that every other week. It'll save me time, and about $15 in gas/tolls. And if it's going to take the whole night, I might as well get two hours in.

The first hour, after the first 10 or 20 needles, I could tell my pain tolerance wasn't great. Oh no. I tried to relax and get into my zone, but I couldn't quite do it. She was zapping up near my ear and I felt that familiar feeling coming back from the 36 hours I wrote about, and I burst out crying. Gillian was so nice, she put her hand on my forehead and reassured me. :) I got that out and managed to make it through the hour. I didn't do "well," but I made it.

I took a little walk, moved my car, then just hung out in the parking lot, and I'm sure I was quite a sight, a person with the right side of her face red, swollen, and covered with Neosporin, the left covered with LMX (numbing cream) and Saran Wrap, wearing capris, painted blue toenails, hair all pouffed out (end of the day), foot hanging out of the open car door, singing yelling along to whatever hip-hop tune was playing on 99.5, and basically not giving a rat's ass what anyone thought because she was trying to get herself in the zone for the next hour.

I walked back into AHA, thinking, "Am I really going back for another hour of this? What is wrong with me?" When we do my left side, I lay on my side, head on a pillow, the same way I sleep. It's actually fairly comfy. I curled up in the fetal position and let her go to work. I talked about some good stuff that's going on with me, she zapped, gave advice, and I breezed through that second hour without a hitch. Yay me!

And now tonight, there are *TWO* good-sized areas of yummy smooth skin, where there was once hair. So I'll keep doing this. Much better.

(prediction: when I am able to afford it, I'll go for two hours like this each week)


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