The following is a compendium of questions I've been asked, advice I've been given, and things that have been said to me by well-intentioned or otherwise friends, family, and strangers. None of it is made up or embellished.

Enjoy and/or cringe. :)


Hilarious! And the fact that you didn't have to make up or embellish anything only makes it funnier.

Wonderful, Faline!!! (and all I've done with xtranormal is make bears perform Hamlet...)


Heh! Reminiscent of Keir Dullea and the HAL 9000 computer...only much less intelligent than Hal. But, but, but....I'm sorry you have to put up with this. Sometimes I feel the safety of the closet door is a good thing for me.

OMG! I first saw this site featured on Fox's Red Eye program. You did a wonderful job with the dialog...I couldn't stop laughing and it really hit home.

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