Today was a good day. I:

  • sent my first letter and application off to Dr. Brassard.
  • got in an 100-minute fast walk on the treadmill.
  • got my annual review at work, it was very good and they noted some of the positive changes they've seen in me over the past couple months.  (Code phrase was "as of late, Faline has...")
  • went out with a good friend with whom I had a bit of a cold spell, and it was great to spend time with her again.  We decided to do it every month.
  • solved a problem at work that has had us flummoxed for close to 8 months.
  • found out that a close family friend got engaged.
  • while at the bar with my friend, got hit on by a cisgender lesbian who didn't read me.  She bought me a shot and tried to get me to go to karaoke with her.  Haha.  Singing?  Not so much.  ;)
Actually, it was a great day!  That's all.



That definitely sounds like a good day!

A great day for a great person!

Good for you sweetie!

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