I wrote about a week ago about a meeting I had at my son's preschool, from which I had been banned. Not going to rehash it all here, it's in the other posts, but I've been nervous all week, hoping that the school administration would agree to my compromise. Sharlene, the head of the school, had said that she was going to call me "early this week" after she had spoken with the school owners. Monday came and went, as did Tuesday. I was pretty much in full freakout mode this morning and finally emailed her to touch base.

Heard back from her that evening (last night) and she said that the conversation "went well," and that she wanted to talk to me about the details. I allowed myself a small sigh of relief but as we know, the devil is in the details. I called over there this morning and I'm glad to say that all is well. The owners agreed to my proposal and I'm happy to say that I will be one of the proud parents at "Spring Sing" in a few weeks. And all the other classroom parties that parents come to.

I did compromise in that I offered to have my Dad come in for their Fathers' Day Celebration, and I agreed not to take on a role in the classroom where it's just me, such as reading a book to the class. Is this perfect? No. Am I being treated exactly like every other parent? No. But as I've said before, this is about my son and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best result for him. I'm very pleased with how I handled this. I put my anger aside and did the right thing for G. I don't have to disrupt him. I don't have to bring more stress into my ex's already stressful life. I've taught the school administration something about transsexual people and will continue to silently teach through the example I set.

I would not have been capable of this a couple of years ago... emotion would have got the best of me. I've talked about how these days I am more at peace. These sorts of things prove to me that I truly am. This year, I've cried every time that I dropped him off at school. I'll probably cry again next time, but for a different reason.


Congratulations! And good on you for making the decisions you thought best. I think they should allow you to read to the kids. Maybe at some point they will. By being a reasonable with them, you have paved the way.

Good for you!
Life is full of compromises, trans or not.

Over the years we learn to give a little in order to gain a lot! And a good education is definately a big gain in the world today. No matter how young or old.
Well done to you for standing your ground and making things happen by using a little sweetness in this otherwise sour situation.

Seriously. Well Done!!

It seems to be a message that gets repeated on various blogs; progress is easier when we are reasonable and firm as opposed to confrontational and brittle.

*hugs* I'm glad you and they were both able to compromise. Sometimes it's a very hard thing for us to do...so huge props to you girl!

Yay you.....and I can't wait to hear about the Spring Sing!

Congratulations and if I may say this, I'm proud of you.

Thanks for winning one for yourself and sharing it with me and everyone else. I hope to be as smart about this if/when it may come my way. : )



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