So there's this guy that I see a couple times a week when I stop at Starbucks on the way to work. You can't help but notice him if you have a pulse. He's around 6'3", with shoulders that make mine look petite, great smile, sparkling eyes, black, bald, cute cute cute. He has a very friendly look about him. I shall refer to him as Yummy Starbucks Guy (YSG). A couple of months ago, YSG almost fell out of his chair craning to not-so-surreptitiously look at me one day when I was rocking my favorite knee-high boots.

Yesterday YSG and I made eye contact for the first time... I was on my way out and he was getting in line... we made eye contact and smiled. That made my day. This morning I wore a flattering pencil skirt and my favorite heels. Am not ashamed to say that the only reason I wore this outfit was in case he was there again. I was looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. I got to Starbucks around the time I usually see him; alas, no YSG. Boo. Well, we'll give him a couple minutes. I stalled for a bit, ordered some extra food, got a free sample, dum-da-dum-da-dum... poured the sugar in my coffee more slowly than usual, but still no YSG. Crap. One can only hang around in Starbucks for so long. My last option to stall for time was to read one of their little Starbucks Gold Card application-thingies. I was resigned to put it down and leave when the back door opens and in walks YSG. (!!!!) I timed things so I was just turning around as he walked behind me towards the front. We made eye contact and exchanged smiles once again. Yay!! :D

I think that I must be 14 years old. :)

Anyway, I finished up and headed for the front door. I made sure to look him straight in the eye as I walked past. Got another smile back. I tilted my head, smiled back, wished him "morning!!" and out I went. Was downright giddy on the walk back to my car. I flipped down the vanity mirror and hoped that he saw what I did... an attractive woman. I sat in the car and let my mind wander a bit. ;) If we ever actually talked, I'd spill my coffee all over myself. Of course, nothing will come of this unless I manage to string along this smiling and eyelash-batting for another 8 months. Might be fun to flirt, though. I'm not inclined to date until after surgery... no point. The palpitations, though, are enjoyable. When I do go on my first date, whatever comes of it, I think it'll be quite an experience.

I need to finagle my way into getting in line next to him. Maybe tomorrow I'll get there about 4 minutes later. :)


I'm digging your description of him. ;-)

And you're not 14. This stuff happens all through life! Ain't it grand?

Hope you can engage him in conversation. Sounds like you're getting there!

What fun! It never has to be anything more than a bit of a flirt, but there's nothing wrong with that :D


Fun fun fun, I have always loved these little moments.

Thanks Faline, you've just made me smile. Here's to his having a nature to match his appearance!

"It never has to be anything more" hell yes it does! get your ass in there!


hehehe this made me giggle!!! Don't you love that, girl? =) I know the feeling.

This brought a big smile to my face too!

@Abby... It'd be cool if things got a little more, um, let's say "interesting." We shall see...

@Debra... you never know, maybe I'll be reaching out for your counsel at some point. I need all the advice I can get!! :) said... May 13, 2011 at 8:43 PM  

Faline, Yes you are a normal woman...who says you can't flirt:) Your story is well told and you make me wish I were in the same shoes as you. Well. I'm only a cd so that is out the window. Just wish I had started earlier in life and I might have been in your shoes. Love your other blogs also. You are very thoughtful and I wish you the best of luck in your journey:)

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