See those categories over there in the sidebar? From time to time, I'll look at them... over a given period of time, you can kind of see what you're up to, see what you're focused on during that period of time. For example, early in my transition, there were quite a few posts tagged with "hair removal." There was a period where the majority of posts were about my kids. I was looking at tags last night and realized that I hadn't tagged a post with "happy" in quite a while. Life's been a little rough lately. I've been a little down at times. I hoped that it would change soon.

Well, today I got my new passport in the mail. It has an "F" on it. This makes me happy.

That's all.


And I am happy for you

To celebrate, here are the Rolling Stones in their sloppy rock and roll prime!


NICE!! I'm HAPPY for you.

Awesome! Now that you have that shiny new passport, you need someplace nice to GO...

Stacy... I'll be going to Montreal in November. :)

Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

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