I had to go look at the calendar before I wrote the title for this post. It doesn't seem possible that my little countdown timer went from 120 to 10 so quickly. I have moments here and there where it hits me, like today at work. I'm rolling off our project when I go for surgery, and will start with a new client when I return. I was talking to our project architect about some knowledge transfer that I need to do before I leave. Our architect has been on this project since its' inception, and was the one who applauded when I came out to the team. He's a fantastic architect, but more importantly, a good person. I'll miss working with him.

Anyway, after we talked today, I started getting emotional and choked-up. While I ultimately don't want to be known as the transsexual person, this project has been very safe and even comfortable. I'll be on a new project with some people who might know, and a client who will not. And that will be new. The unknown is a little bit scary. I started thinking about what it will be like on my last day. I'll probably be an emotional wreck. Not to mention that I'll leave work, and then go pick up my kids for my last evening with them. Which will likely be even more emotional.

As far as the surgery itself, I'm excited for it. I think once I get my see ya laters out to co-workers and the kids, that I will be calm and focused once I'm up there.

I made my blog private; there are maybe 15 people who are readers.

Today I feel excited and emotional. :)


Once you're there, you'll be focused. At least that's what I found. You get to the house and you know why you're there, and that's all that matters until you're on the plane home.

*hugs* I hear you. I felt very nostalgic and grateful on my last day of work. I sent an email to the CEO and the HR manager thanking them for their support and then I also posted a note on my blog thanking the company.

Yay it's so close now!!!! so exciting =)

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