Did you ever spend lots of time thinking about something, chasing dead-end after dead-end in your mind, only to have the answer smack you right in the face? I'm talking a good, solid *SMACK!!* here. So obvious that you're incredulous that you hadn't thought of it before? I had such a moment this morning.

I've been trying to think of ways to get out and meet people. Get my life restarted. Somewhere I'd be comfortable, engaged, interested, etc. I talked about the volunteering thing and while appealing, I don't think I'll meet too many people stocking shelves at the library, volunteering to pick weeds at the local horticultural garden, or delivering food via Meals on Wheels. I looked at local meetups online and most of them are 20-something moms. Not quite in my comfort zone. There's always triathlon, but I wouldn't be able to seriously get into that until well after surgery, and even then, it requires a level of dedication that I'm not certain that I possess anymore.

This morning in the car, I was listening music by this Norwegian group called Secret Garden. Instrumental, peaceful. One of the pieces featured uilleann pipes. I love the uilleann pipes. So mournful, so moving. I was thinking how it'd be cool to play the pipes. The pipes were accompanied by a violinist. Years ago, I had purchased Secret Garden's violin sheet music and used to play along with.....


I've played the violin on and off since 3rd grade. And I was good, too. In high school, I was the concertmaster of the orchestra, played in a bunch of "all-star" orchestras, was a member of the Syracuse University orchestra, in the 1st violin section alongside a bunch of music majors. As an adult, I played in an orchestra which had the honor of accompanying Placido Domingo for a concert. It's a pretty amazing feeling to play while one of the Three Tenors is singing five feet away from you. Hard to pay attention to what you're supposed to be playing, in fact. I also played a few Irish jigs at my sister's wedding reception. Most of my family hadn't heard me play before, and they were blown away.

I always loved expressing myself through violin, the people I met through it, the music itself. I always enjoyed being part of a performance ensemble, whether it be an 100-piece symphony orchestra, or a 4-member string quartet. And it's a group of people that share a common interest, intelligent people, people that I've always been able to relate to, people with whom you share a certain camaraderie. Practicing at home will keep me doing something healthy while keeping me off the stupid internet. Something I love, that's rewarding, and will set a good example for my kids.

My violin has been sitting in its' case for three or four years. It has a giant crack in the back of it. :| I'm not sure that it's salvageable. Oh well, I can always get another instrument. There are a few local community orchestras around here. So my plan is to get practicing and audition. It's been a few years, so I'll be rusty for a bit. But playing the violin has always been like riding a bike. Hopefully it will be a good outlet for me, as it's been in the past.

How could I not have thought of this before?


Glad you thought of it now!

Awesome idea!

Music is a perfect outlet. It is physically and mentally challenging while also getting you out and into a group of like-minded players. My interest in instrumental music was one of the many positive things that do not remind me of gender conflict, so for that reason and the above, I value it above all my other interests.

Brilliant!!! I have a Baby Grand Piano that came with the house I bought. If only....I could find the time....find the motivtion....find.............If only.....


I am still be "re-directed" into a closed loop!!!!!! AARG!

Hi Faline,

Either get unrusty on the violin, or take up a new instrument, say, drums! Not only can you annoy all of your unfavorite neighbors, but also take out your aggression at the same time. It's good exercise too.

Whatever you decide, just go for it.

Maybe your cracked violin can be repaired. Replacing it can't be very inexpensive, they are a very delicate instrument.

Good luck with your endeavor.

Many Blessings, Prayers, and Hugs.

Heh!.... The hot violin chick huh!.. You don't fool
Me! I'm hip to your game... (sly! Very sly, and look at you
playing like you're all innocent an stuff) They reckon guys dig that ;-)

Lol! I hope you're well.

Lovely idea


Making music brings beauty into the world. (And I say that having just returned from seeing the Indigo Girls, so I can speak with authority on the subject!) Go for it!

And thank you for your terrific blog, btw, even if the Internet isn't your favorite place at the moment. :c)

How neat! I too was / am a violinist. I played in the Bowling Green State University Philharmonia and the Bowling Green Symphony. Mine has also been lying around collecting dust for quite a while (laid aside in favor of "rock 'n roll" instruments mostly.

So cool to know other musicians on this path! :-)



I'll will admit that I came to this blog via a triathlon website. (not BT). I have really enjoyed reading through from beginning til now. I do hope you continue to write even if you don't always like the attention.

I used to play the violin as well back in elementary school and have always wanted to start playing again. Go for it.

Good luck,


You have a fantastic opportunity here! I'm lucky to have toughed out the clarinet from Jr. High thru High School. I managed a first clarinet chair as a sophmore and a second clarinet chair as a senior, and then dropped it to do something I really regret - study to become an architect and then to spend 25 years in a profession I hated more and more until mild Parkinson's retired me.
I play my clarinet now at church now and then, and I also sing in the choir. Two of my many 'best friends' sing in choir and we usually get together after practice Thursday nights to talk and laugh and quaff coctails Chris makes for us.
My friend Nancy is a music teacher. She also knows of every small concert going on in Columbus. We also attend lots of High School and community theater productions together. It is REALLY fun, something that that 'guy' that was a parasite on me would never have the courage to do...
I also have a group of friends where I volunteer Thursdays and Fridays at a local history museum. We're always trying to raise funds, so another friend and I have built this really cool cart out of which to meander among fireworks afficinados and sell our museum memorabilia! Our cart is really cool - it has 3 bicycle wheels and a peg board A frame on top of it to hang our products and ID signs, umbrella for rain, streamers, flags, etc.
Anyway, these two venues, Church (we are an O'N'A UCC) and local Historical Society/Museum provoide me with close girl friends like I only dreamed I could have just a few years ago, and more demands on my time now than I just now have time and energy for! But, I know I am wanted and cherished by these friends, and that is huge for me.
i wish you many close and wonderful friends, and maybe its as concert mistress in your regional orchestra sooner than you expect!!


yeah, yeah, yeah and yeah! i love this idea and will nag you (kindly) to pursue it. and now I have to keep aaron from reading this post or he will remind me of my dusty flute and piano. You go Faline! Lisa B.

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