so... I was on this PE early this morning, ended up in chat, and this one woman was talking about killing herself. parents kicked her out, everyone has ostracized her, she has 2 kids, is engaged, got fired from her job, she's the breadwinner, etc. every option we were suggesting to her, was met with a roadblock. "I have no way to get there," "I can't, I can't, I can't..." "no one will help"

I looked at her profile, saw where she lived, did some googling... found some social services place on the net-web near her and sent her the link to it... she protested "they don't help with housing," and a few other things, I cut/pasted the piece from their site saying that they do help with housing... then it was like some light went on. she said she was going to call them in the morning for help. I told her to report back to us.  She reported back later in the day, that they offered some help, and it sounded like she was in a better place.

so yay. maybe she will have some hope now.

It occured to me, that Mike (not my male name, but we're using it here) probably wouldn't have helped her.  Mike isn't all that helpful.  He probably would have rolled his eyes, thought something like, "sheesh, this person won't help herself... why should I?" and gone on with his business.  But Faline helped her.  I helped her.  That's a pretty good feeling, and it reinforces the fact that I am going in the right direction.  I've always rued the fact that I wasn't a more helpful/kind person.  I always wanted to be, but I just wasn't.  When I go back and read this post from my blog, it all kind of adds up.


That's awesome girl!!!!! You helped her so much in that little act. I'm so proud :) Good job.

As women, and transwomen in particular, we change our perspective. We want to help where we can. And this becomes at some point a burning need to share and help those who are less fortunate than us. It is natural and normal, and part of our maturation as women.

I personally have done the exercise you describe above at least a dozen times in Second Life, something I no longer spend much time in as real life got way to interesting. In our local group I have also tried to give of myself to my community, in one case I gave away all of my nascent clothing mistakes, size, color style etc. to my less fortunate sisters. Many of them, brand new.

This all sounds to me like you are really on the right path. I am excited for you...


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