So I had my first electrolysis appointment this morning.  I put some numbing cream on the area, covered it up with Press n' Seal, and set out.  It was snowing a lot, and the normally 40 minute drive took about 1:15.  As I was driving over, I looked at myself in the mirror, with the wrap on my face, with the heavy beard, thought about all this pain, money, driving, and I felt really depressed/emotional... how am I going to do this... how am I going to climb this mountain?  It was kind of a tough ride.

Got to the appointment, laid down, and the first few pricks... you want the picture of non-relaxation?  'Twas me.  Maureen had to stop and tell me to relax a little more, breath, etc.  I tried to relax, tried to breath, and she got me chatting a little bit.  It got 100% better after that.  To the point where the half-hour actually flew by.  There were a few pricks that hurt quite a bit, but most of them just felt like little pinpricks.  We finished up, and I thought to myself, "I can do this."  I felt much better.  Going forward, I'll do an hour at a time.  With my schedule, an hour a week is all I can really manage... let alone afford.  :)

I noted as I was driving home, how happy I was.  Total contrast from the trip over there.  Happy that I've always wanted to do this, and now I am.  Happy that I had about a square-inch of clear skin on my cheek.  Happy that I am working hard to become myself.  Happy that there are such wonderful providers out there like Maureen... a true ally of our community.

It is going to be a long and expensive process, make no mistake about it.  But I will get through it.  I will get to the top of the mountain.


Good job girl =) I soooo know the feeling. I've been doing laser for now though but the same kinds of things are used to prepare. It definitely feels like a mountain sometimes and yet when you have the chance to stop and take a breath of fresh's worth it.

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