I see this phrase bandied about here and there... and I wonder what it means. Are there thought patterns, ways of thinking, that are exclusive to women? I was out one time with some friends, and one of the guys was talking about this party he was going to have. He said, "we want as much labia there as possible," and high-fives were exchanged. My thought was, "what a f*****g pig." I guess that's more how a typical woman thinks... but then again, I'm sure are men out there who would think the same thing.

I'm a woman. Do I think like a woman? I dunno. I think like..... me.


Eww that guy's comment just grosses me out. It's bad enough to have guys like that that you can read very easily into what they "really" want....I am more afraid of the schmoozer guys that know how to work you and then leave you.

As for thinking like a woman, I've often pondered that as well. Do I think like a woman? What does it even mean to think like one? heh.

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