So I finally made myself a Facebook profile yesterday, and friended a bunch of people. Now that immediate family knows, I want to get out there. I changed most settings to Private, but left my picture public. Same settings I have for my old profile. A couple of well-intentioned people cautioned me that I might want to change it to private... a friend-of-a-friend saw the FB update "Jane Doe and 20 other friends are now friends with Faline Allyn." And this person clicked on me and figured it out.

I'm so over hiding, being embarrassed, being ashamed, being afraid. I'm done with that. She did say that the friend didn't "judge," but really, I don't care if people a) "figure it out" or b) judge. Someone who judges me based on this is missing out on a pretty cool person, and missing out on the opportunity to learn. It's crazy how for years and years one hides in the shadows, despising this thing about herself. And then one day something clicks, and she now loves this about herself; in fact, is proud of it. Proud to not be afraid anymore. Proud to be different. It's amazing and it makes me feel strong.

I don't want to have two Facebook pages, two emails, two identities... I have one identity. Uno.

I want people to know. This is me, this is who I am, I love it, deal with it. I am woman, hear me roar, and all that crap. :)

accept. embrace. live.

That's what I'm doing.


When you've got everything you want off your old profile, if you want to get rid of it - here's the guide to deleting it - (under the "What should you do?" section)

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