ok, so feeling a little better after last night's pity party.  we all need a night like that now and again. I think I make things worse in my head sometimes, than they really are.  As far as the beard removal and E3000 vs. hour-at-a-time (HAAT) goes...  Maybe HAAT will force me not to rush things.  And besides, even if my beard was gone 6 months from now, it's not like I'd be ready to go full-time anyway.

To contrast from last night... things that are good about my appearance... let's focus on these, instead, Faline, k?

  • I have small hands and feet.  My hands are the same length as many of my GG friends, and I'm a size 9.5 in shoes.  No one will look at me and think "man-hands."

  • I'm 5'9", so while I'll now be considered "tall," I won't be "Too Tall Faline."

  • I won't need a scalp advance, or hair implants.

  • My face is actually somewhat feminine.  I like my eyes a lot.

  • I've also gotten compliments on my lips.

  • I'm not overweight and likely never will be.

My latest thoughts on full-time, are that I am done paying alimony in September 2011.  My financial situation will begin to improve then.  So it really ought to be no earlier than that.

I have my kids tonight, Friday a dear friend who I've never met is visiting, Saturday I have support group, Sunday am hanging out with one of my best and most supportive friends.  So life isn't all that bad, really.


I came across your site through Leslie Ann and when I saw your picture, I saw myself. Our faces are so much alike that we could easily be confused with one another. It's uncanny. Even your 'specs' are close to mine. Sorry I can't share a picture with you at this time.

Regards, Eleanor

You left out the "I'm sooper smart" part. That's the part that will keep you grounded, enable you to focus on that which you have right now and allow you to find a way or make one (sound familiar?!) to overcome the obstacles in your path. As a side note, I'm slightly disappointed about not being able to call you Too Tall Faline as obviously I would need to start calling you Triple T immediately. Now I shall have to come up with an alternative :).

Hang in there.

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