I just reread some of these posts and they all seem so heavy. I need to go get my nails done, or buy a cute pair of boots or something, and post about them. Maybe I'll go get an eyebrow wax and a French manicure next week. Have always wanted that.

Way too pensive lately!


Its funny you say that, about getting your nails done, or whatever. As a female, those are never things I'd want to do to cheer myself up. I often wonder why trans folk seem to go to the extremes - you know, the lacy underwear, high heels, fancy skirts - when I never do any of that stuff. Or could it be that I have a 'male name' that makes me feel happy? I think you're lucky to have stubble!

I think a lot of TG people overdo that stuff... especially initially. Think of middle-school girls... just learning about what it is like to be women.

I think once one gets more settled and comfortable in their own skin, the propensity to wear all the high heels, exaggerated this-and-that, goes away a bit.

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