So I joined this website called PINKessence... kind of a Facebook for TG people. I'm not sure how much I like the site itself... lots of the posts are so philosophical... many are so negative... right now about this I seem more practical-minded than many of the people there. I will stick with it for a while. I enjoyed meeting Dana last week... need to be careful that as I explore, I do it at my pace. One thing a friend said to me in an email was. "... well, in two years they all (family and friends) will see you as you are meant to be seen..." whoa!! Getting ahead of ourselves there. I also picked a name, just to fit in on this site... Jennifer... don't know if it is me, or what... but I don't like doing things like picking a name, just to fit in.

I had an appointment last week for a wig... I found one I liked... we ordered it in another color, when it comes in I'll go pick one!! Am looking forward to putting it on, makeup, to see what it looks like... hopefully I will like what I see. Have an appointment tonight with Martha, Thursday is my first facial laser hair removal... Friday is a support group meeting. So hopefully a good week.


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