I'm having a pretty good week.

Work is going very well... we had a production deployment on Friday. WARNING: Geek stuff ahead. We all get in a room, turn the system on, and troubleshoot/fix anything that comes up. There were a couple people in the room who were not aware I was transgender. We start the system, and immediately get an exception "Unable to find definition for element 'beans' in application-context.xml." Everyone gets this confused look on their face and they all start talking in high-pitched excited tones about what the problem might be. I jump in and say, "This is what the problem is. The system is trying to load the Spring beans definition and it needs to go to springframework.com to get it, but since this is a production box, port 80 is probably blocked for security. We need to open up the port or reference the DTD locally." I was met with some skepticism, so I told them, "Trust me, that's the problem. Go look at the ports." They did, and port 80 was blocked, and that was the problem. Six guys from India and one chick, and the chick solves the problem. Rather instantaneously, I might add. :)

I didn't cry at electrolysis this week, unlike last time. I've made a couple new cisgender friends. One of them is the barista at my Starbucks. The other is from online... I've never met her, but it's the kind of thing where you just *know* that you would or will end up being great friends. I'm doing well at getting back into the exercise habit, have walked an 40-60 mins every day on the treadmill 9 out of the last 10 days. I volunteered to help someone out at work on my off-hours with a technical problem he's been having... that person I used to be would NEVER have done that.

My 5-year old daughter is now reading entire books to me at bedtime. I took them bowling last weekend and my 3-year old son was beating me after 4 frames, the little stinker. :) Make no mistake, I took to him the house by the time we got to the 10th frame. I printed out some pictures of me with them and put them up... finally got around to removing the pictures of the old me. It's time.

I'm having some friends, all of whom I've known for over 10 years, over for dinner tonight... my first time as a hostess! I've always wanted to be a hostess. :) I did food shopping this morning, had my hair up in a ponytail/headband, and looked pretty cute. Had the same friendly checkout woman who rang me up for 78 yogurts last week, and we had another nice conversation. I finished up and was backing out, and there was some guy walking behind me. I stopped and waved him on, whereupon he gave me a HUGE smile, and made a very grandiose "after you, ma'am," gesture. I love stuff like that. Love it.

I'm having a pretty good week. I'm typically not one who walks around feeling like there are bluebirds and butterflies circling her while Music Box Dancer plays in the background, but I kind of feel like that right now.


Smart chicks are the best chicks! And, isn't fun to intellectually "chick" those uptight dudes?!

A fellow geek girl. I like that! :D

you do beans? do you do ruby, too? ever do any work on the side? (for my consulting biz) and (ok, I am totally connected to the geek part of this, I could TELL you stories, back in the 80s I worked for GM in mfg systems - talk about being a lone girl in a sea of men!)

There are lots of geeky gals out there. It has always 'pissed me off' when I have noticed them trying to dumb down their input so as to not appear too geeky. Good for you!

Your dinner party preparation sounds different from mine, but you must have had a good time, from the sounds of it; bluebirds and butterflies eh? We get the idea. :)



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