Calie's latest post on T-Central is titled "Respect." There's been precious little of that in Blogistan this week.

I've read many of the blogs, comments, over-generalizations, people taking things personally that weren't intended personally, diatribes, opinions, drivel, and ad hominem attacks in the shitstorm that was the trans blogosphere for the past few days. I'm not going to write anything about the question of who is or is not transsexual, pre-ops or post-ops or non-ops or can't-ops or apathetic-about-ops or won't-ops. There's as much chance of me influencing anyone's opinion, if that was something I cared about, as there is me waking up to discover that I'm pregnant. So it would basically be talking just to hear myself talk, which describes 90% of the words that have been bandied about this week. I've read the same long-winded comment and blog post eleventy billion times this week. And for what? This topic will die down and everyone will go back to what they were doing.

When I am ready, I am going to get as far away from trans politics and the trans community as I can. Assimilate into society and live quietly. And none of this crap will matter to me any more than it does to any other woman. I'll find people who need help, and quietly help. That will be the extent of it. My goal is to get to a place where this is all irrelevant. If my self-concept in 2 or 3 years still includes the term "transsexual," I will have failed. I read a quote somewhere this week saying that transsexualism should be a revolving door. Hear, hear. Once I am through the revolving door, I will not look back.

Respect *that*.


And that is how it is for me as well honey.
I like your attitude!

I hope that you can do that, Faline. I just want to get away from the discussion of who gets to be what and rather go back to why I blog and why I like to read others...which is to say how our lives are affected by this and how we deal with it. Leave politics to those who are amused by that noise.


I do respect that!

I removed my old blog and changed to writing under a pseudonym so I could live as normal a life as possible. I still try to help people behind the scenes.

BTW, "eleventy" is one of my favourite words. :)


What you say is absolutely true. I often wonder why I bother. But then I received the occassion word of heartfelt thanks and it reminds me why I do what I do. It reminds me that depite the noise, something is getting through.

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