I've had a little malaise as of late.  I decided that perhaps refreshing the look of my blog might refresh my outlook on life.  So I sat and thought, what is transition really about?  I mean, this blog is supposedly about transition.  So the template needs to fit that!  But more importantly, it needs to fit me!!!  Well, for one thing, I smile more.  It's about smiling.  And PINK!!!  Now I can wear pink whenever I like.  And puppies.  I need puppies.  And sparkly things.  I'm much more sparkly than I used to be.  And it's about little puffy white pom-pom things that you can hang around your neck if you like.  These are the things that transition is really about.  Smiles and pink and puppies and sparkles and pom-poms.  I'm all about pom-poms and puppies.

So I spent a couple days working on a new template.  What do you think?!?!!?  I dunno, looking at it just puts a smile on my face.  It also gives me seizures, but it's worth it.

edited to add: I restored the original template, of course.  Well, kind of.  I tried putting the old one back and got some Blogger error message, so this will have to do.  There are a lot of things that are bugging me, like all the whitespace.  I'll work on it. A screenshot of the April Fools' blog is preserved for posterity... the cool part was that the lights went in little circles around the pink "Have A Nice Day" smiley faces, and there were little trails of hearts that followed your mouse pointer...


I'm 62, so I think it looks like a teenage girl's blog. A very young teenage girl. Well.........you did ask. :-)

Melissa XX

Also, I noticed that my avatar isn't showing up next to my comment.

Melissa XX

I mean no offense. I enjoy your thoughts and writing, but perhaps it's a bit distracting from the words themselves? It's definitely a positive take, though.

Ahh yes... April one has arrived!!! Love ya!


@Melissa, Anonymous... see Halle's comment. ;)

@Halle... I don't even know if I'll make it through the day with this. It hurts my eyes!! :)

Puppies! Yesssssssss!!! :D

I knew this day was going to be difficult to endure. I should go back to bed and wake up April 2nd.

I could not believe what I was seeing until I remembered which day we are.

As Halle said, April One has arrived! Gotta go, my eyes hurt.

Hugs, Elly

Don't forget Unicorns and Rainbows!

You got an early start on Poisson d'avril, so I was scratching my head last night. Or perhaps it was just the time zone difference. :)


I don't think it's pink enough.

Nice joke, Faline. My epileptic dog was looking over my shoulder when I clicked on your link. Good work. Thanks a bunch.

Punked again. I hate this holiday.

Good show, though.


How about we age just a decade or two.....or....act your age!

Happpy April Fools...NOW PULEEEZE, can we turn it down jsut a teeny weeny bit?

Well, OK, Anne, but only because you asked. :)

And because I couldn't stand looking at this awful template anymore.


Thank You...Much Better. And I too love puppies.

So glad you included a screen shot (a STILL screen shot LOL) for posterity. The puppies where definitely keepers... so cute. :)

So, I'm not reading this tell now, but really, you needed unicorns and sparkly rainbows along with all the pink and puppies. That would have made it just perfect.

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