It's been a pretty good weekend. I don't write too many "So This Is What I Did This Weekend" posts, but I am writing one today. Had a nice phone call with a dear friend on Saturday, a friend who unfortunately lives in Montana. I think if we lived closer, we'd be like sisters. After that, I caught up with another friend for about an hour, and we resolved to try and talk a little more often.

Then I had 8 people over for dinner... 6 of my triathlon friends, and my friend Gail and her husband. 'Twas a great evening... the food turned out to be very yummy, there was a lot of laughing all night, just a really good group of people. I was fairly quiet; I was happy just puttering back and forth between the kitchen and the living room, being the hostess. There were a couple pronoun slipups here and there, but it didn't bother me too much. When you tell someone when your surgery date is, and the first thing she does is email her scheduler and tell said scheduler not to put anything on the calendar that week, the last thing you're going to do is fret about a pronoun. :)

Today I needed to do some clothes shopping... Lord and Taylor was having a sale, and I had a coupon, so I went there to find a spring jacket. There's no "jacket section," they're just strewn about the store. So I enlisted the help of the nearest saleslady. We're walking along and she asks me, "Are you a weightlifter?" Now, in the past, this would have instantly freaked me out... I probably would have blurted out that I was trans. But, I'm getting more comfortable with myself. I smiled and told her that I used to swim a lot for triathlon, which is true. She seemed admiring of my stature. I smiled and stood up just a little bit straighter.

She showed me 7 or 8 jackets, and there was a Michael Kors one that jumped out at me... exactly what I was looking for... lightweight, off-white, embellished but not *too* embellished, cinched waist, hoodie, very cute. She went and helped someone else while I kept looking. The Kors one ended up being the winner. We were chatting about Project Runway (the whole Kors association) while I was paying. Afterwards, she told me that I ought to be the one modelling. It blows my mind when someone tells me something like that. Blows. My. Mind. I guess it's because I'm tall?

Heidi Klum and company need not worry, though. If I was a model, here is what would ensue...



Mmmmm, Michael Kors. Bet it looks great on you! I'm a little short on fitted blazers as well. They tend to work well for me.

Just lap that you should be a model stuff right up! Good on you!

I'm glad your evening went well and I'm jealous you were able to go shopping for something as lovely as a jacket by world famous award winning designer Michael Kors :D

And that kind of comment is awesome. Kind of flies in the face of what some other person has been saying about how we are perceived out in the world.


Will you model it?

Not here!!! :)

Ariel, it's outerwear. not a blazer. I've not found a blazer that I care for, yet.

Oh, outerwear is right behind shoes for me! Not sure why, just love it. Enjoy!

Awww thats so sad they made fun of that poor model =(

Glad things are going well for you girl =)

Ama söyleyecek bir şey pek yok sadece seni yazmak ne okumak için sabırsızlanıyoruz bilmeni istedim!

Hilda İstanbul


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