It's been so negative here lately.  I something to perk me up.  So this blog entry is going to be about something superficial, my looks!  Here in Blogistan, we typically refrain from talking about these sorts of things, because we are only supposed to talk about deep, meaningful things, that make the reader pause and reflect.  Weeeeelllll, the heck with that for today.  I can be as superficial as anyone.  :)

For years and years, I could not fathom how I might ever achieve resembling a woman, let alone being an attractive, or a cute one.  When I started transitioning, my thought was that some day, I hoped that I ended up being cute.  I always thought I'd be pretty happy with that.

I had the courage today to post a picture of myself on Facebook with my hair up.  First one of those.  I was just running out to do some errands and my hair was *not* behaving, so I thought I'd try putting it in a ponytail... it's finally long enough that I can do a ponytail that's longer than, say, an inch.  I looked at myself in the mirror, and thought, "Huh.  You know what, I look pretty cute."  Anyway, I took the picture and put it on Facebook, and hoped one person would comment on it.  *I* thought I looked cute, which in theory is all that's supposed to matter, but I hoped someone would say something nice.  I had absolutely zero makeup on.  It's funny, I just went and looked at it, and thought, "Yikes.  At least put on a little lip gloss or something."  At any rate, I got back from my errands and as of this writing, 20 people liked and/or commented on it, and I'm pretty sure they were all genuine comments... my friends aren't ones to do the "Rah rah rah!!  You look GREAT!!!" thing, when you really don't.  That's not helpful.

I'm excited to see how this all turns out in a couple years.  Perhaps I'll even end up being pretty.  If I may pat myself on the back, and I will since this is my blog, I'm pretty cute.  I promise that next post, we'll be back into the over-the-top angst and self-analysis, and you, dear reader, can pause and reflect to your heart's content.  :P


Faline, why should we be any different from all the women I have ever known? When we look in the mirror, or at a photo, we will never see what the world sees, or believe what everyone tells us.

I among others will tell you anyway; you do not have to wait, because you look pretty now, and the smile in your eyes tells a story of a happy person inside.

I think you're very cute :D And blogs can be about any old thing we want them to because they're our very own things. I love posting a good picture of myself from time to time. When the camera gets it right, why not share?


I thought you were cute from the first time I saw your picture. With some jealousy, of course, because my spring chicken days are far behind me. :)

Of course you can be superficial, you're a woman! It's a burden we all share :) and you should be proud of your looks. You're super, super cute!

Hey, I'm all about vanity! I know that what the mirror reflects is not the same image I would like to present. However,
you know what? That's okay. And honey?
You are more than okay. You are sensational!!

My entire household is full of girls. From 18 months to fourty something. We all second guess ourselves at one point or another. And a little validation from another humuan being makes it all the more special.

Whom does not love a compliment?

Girl? You got it goin on!!!

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